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About The Giving Tree Unionville

It was created to help educate, empower and bring about positive actions amongst our youth. 

Over the last decade, we have worked on numerous initiatives that have helped improve the lives of communities across Canada.

Our work has become so inspirational that we have set up various additional initiatives to bring on board some of the slightly 'older youth' that have been hugely instrumental in improving the quality of lives for so many.

Our Vision

My vision for the Giving Tree Unionville is to help blossom, educate and empower socially just minds.

To instill confidence and determination in our youth to become positive change makers of tomorrow.

Young minds that are smart but empathetic, determined but respectful, driven but open minded and to be our eyes, ears and mouthpieces.


To have a world where we can live together in harmony, regardless of race, language or religion Where we work together on initiatives that create a better quality of life for everyone.

Our Mission

Our mission at The Giving Tree Unionville is to help develop socially aware and socially conscious young leaders.

I am helping to create confidence in all those that join our journey.

I endeavor to help each and every one of my members fulfill their goals surrounding any initiative that is close to their hearts.

My mission is to ensure that I am able to help educate them, empower them and then support them in fulfilling an action plan, usually an event. 

Our events help create great understanding and awareness for our initiatives and are always life changing for many.

Fulfilling our missions is the most rewarding and confidence building segment of our journey together.

Helping to grow youth into social justice warriors is a mission that is fulfilled every year.

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