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Our Wetland

There is so much that this area encompasses.
From keeping our City clean and green, to protecting our wetlands and farmlands.

In Ontario, we are losing farmland at an alarming rate of 175 acres a day. We have already lost almost 75% of our wetlands in Southwestern Ontario.

Ontario farms are an important part of our economy, local food systems and our food security. Wetlands help filter our water and prevent flooding.


Forests store carbon.

And nature is essential for our own wellbeing.
The good news - increasing housing supply in Ontario does not require super-sized sprawl that paves over more farmland or wetlands.
Expert data suggests that there is no need to expand beyond our current growth boundaries right now. In other words, we already have enough land earmarked for development.
We can’t sprawl our way out of the housing crisis.

We continue to work with the various advocacy groups to ensure that we do all we can in the Region to ensure we protect our planet.

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