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Small People.
Big Change.

We connect and rebuild the community together.
Little by little.


Small people.
Big change.

Our youth are the future of our community and our country. Empowering them to be our future leaders is one of our missions.

We have a genuine passion to serve and do a public good.

"If you change nothing, nothing will change."


The power of our voice.

Empowering our youth to use their voices in a respectful manner to stand up for what they believe in, is one of our main focuses at The Giving Tree Unionville.


Having worked for close to 8 years on a fight for quality of life and then achieving success is a great lesson for all of us.
A great lesson is perseverance, determination, confidence, justice and support for each other.


Our Founder, Shanta's Latest Endeavour

The latest endeavour of our founder, Shanta Sundarason, is to lead by example. To have the courage to stand up for what she believes in and to be the example for all of us. 
This is our journey together. 
Together we are always stronger.
Together we can effect change.
Together .......

Contact Us

For more information on our initiatives, to make a contribution  or for information on how to get involved, please contact me.

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