sacred water walk

Daniel Gauthier of TwinBytes is no ordinary human being. I met Daniel at MACC (Markham Association of Community Champions) where he shared his passion and love of giving back to the community.  At our last meeting I made a shout out for inspirational speakers to come in and share their life experiences with my youth. Daniel jumped at the chance and within 72 hours, had prepared a presentation on Stereotyping and bullying. He came roaring up on his bike dressed in his full biker gear and made a huge impression.

He presented and spoke in great length about the consequences of stereotyping individuals and bullying and how we can be positive change makers. Daniel, thank you so much for your time and for sharing your experiences with us. We look forward to welcoming you back again in the New Year!


Let us not only leave a better world for our children,

              but leave better children for our world.

Thank you to WE and CINEPLEX for making this event possible.

This 4 hour event brought great team building, community empowerment and leadership skills to all my youth.

WE are The Change continues to help empower all my youth and their friends to grow into positive change makers. 

event of the week

Sacred Water Walk @ Toogood Pond led by Becky BigCanoe of the Chippewas of Georgina Island 1st Nations.......just beautiful.


As one of the initiatives that we are working on at the moment is the understanding of hunger and homelessness. We are each putting together a Blessing Bag that we will keep in our family car to share when needed.

I would encourage each and every one of you to do the same thing. 

A nice gesture if and when you come across someone in need.

Our blessing bags

With all the social justice issues out there today, I thought I'd share Kishan's lighter " First World problem" Its a bit long, but it's his rant : ) Oh and by the way, he is 10 years old!

Hi my name is Kishan vig I am in ms.Kruchaks gr3/4 split and I have sushi lunch. I would like to report the sushi lunch. Here are some reasons why I want to report the sushi lunch. 

Number 1 There are only 2 sushi flavours And the one that I want is California roll but that's not there.So I'm saying you should have more flavours.

Number 2 there is no soy sauce,ginger,chopsticks, and wasabi. So you need to have those.

number 3 there are only 6 sushi's on each tray and I had 1 tray today so I was starving at lunch so you should seriously add more sushi to the trays like 12 sushi's per people are not hungry during recess and then they won't be able to get exercise and soon they will have a disease because they
did not have enough food or exercise so basically everyone that has sushi means that there whole life is in your hands.

If you don't fix this people will throw out the sushi or force others to give them there lunch so if you don't fix that then that will happen.
I hope that you change this because soon everyone that has sushi will move to a new school that actually cares about the students health and life. 

P.s I am serious about all of this so I might move to a new school if you don't fix this everyone with sushi lunch will move to a new school and parkview will barely have any students and then it won't be a school anymore so fix this ASAP thank you for listening to my rant

By Kishan vig in ms.kruchaks gr 3/4 split class room 112.made with no help.

A Social Justice Warrior