Let us not only leave a better world for our children,

              but leave better children for our world.

Our mission


We are constantly working on exciting projects that will bring positive change.

Our youth The Giving Tree Unionville are stepping up and making a difference in their neighbourhood and world at large.

We can all make a positive impact - whether it's volunteering, fundraising or raising awareness around causes that are close to our hearts.

Current ask

"...I am pleased to show support for The Giving Tree."

Frank Scarpitti

The Hon. Mayor of Markham, Ontario

Mayor's letter

We are currently in the planning phase for a WE Day for Markham...........

so stay tuned!

SEASONED do-gooders

“Shanta Sundarason" - founder of The Giving Tree, Unionville.

"It takes a village to raise a child"


stepping up

We all have unique gifts to give, and when bonded together we build a movement that’s diverse and exciting.

​We are defined by our daily efforts. If we don’t take action, who will? We believe that our actions will inspire others to do the same. These actions will help create a tidal wave of impact. We know that small things add up to great change. Because, WE starts with me.

From our mayor

To bring our youth together and equip and empower them with the tools necessary to help change the world.